Ideas that move

Cheil was the first agency in the world
created to think and sell innovation.
And it has not changed over time.
We have evolved, just as technology
in people's daily lives. We always look
to the future. And this is what we offer
to the market because we did not just
create ideas, but ideas that use
technology to move consumers,
customers and the world.

We want to present the new and
convince consumers to embrace
the changes for the best results in
Advertising, Digital, Data Insights,
Retail, Technology and Live Marketing.

More than selling innovation,
we are specialists in innovating
at the time of selling.

President message

Aspas We are truly excited to offer a complete communication and innovation solution
for Latin America. The continent has an enormous wealth of natural and
human resources, with a people whose culture, passion and optimism fascinate the
whole world.

Our mission is to create connected experience that matters. The global industry is a
very rapidly changing environment, and Latin America is in the heart
of this accelerating trend, as the very unique marketplace that it is.

By leveraging the world-class performance and experiences of the Cheil Worldwide
network, we hope to become a front-line agency that can help to optimize this
movement. And coupled with our extraordinary talent, we are striving to create results
that are bigger, greater, and more meaningful.

We are ready to move faster toward the future and make history by exploring
extensive new territories where we can make a difference for our clients,
from the ice walls in Patagonia to the beaches in the Caribbean islands.

Our vision is to create IDEAS THAT MOVE on Latin America, and we look
forward to sharing this brighter future with all our clients and partners. Aspas

President and CEO of Cheil Latin America, Kangji Kim

Cheil’s offices

Cheil is present in nine countries in the Americas:
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico,
Panama, Peru and USA, with an office in Miami.
We are more than 500 experts offering services in
Advertising, Digital, Data Insights, Retail, Technology
and Live Marketing to maximize the customer experience.

Brands that we move
Samsung, Harman Kardon, Itaú, Hankook Tire, Mirae Asset,
TAP, Abreu, Greenpeople and Epic Games.