Digital Literacy

More technology and education to help illiterate people do what they can’t.

Illiteracy is a barrier in many people's lives. This problem turns simple things in a difficult task, such as taking the bus, buying medicine, among others. To make matters worse they are not able to fulfill life's dreams or get a new job.

So, Samsung used smartphones to create more learning opportunities for those who work towards a more sustainable future. This way, Samsung technology has transformed of 300 illiterate people’s lives that separates recyclable trash.

How this became true? Frist, we created 22 classrooms in recycling cooperatives and all students received new smartphones with internet connection. After that, through the digital literacy application and the teaching method of the Paulo Freire Institute, our students switched from the finger print signature to digital inclusion. They learned to read and write and also made their first post on social media teaching how to properly dispose electronic junk to preserve the environment.

+300 people out of illiteracy
+ 136M impressions