The end of the black screen


October 7th, 2018. Night of the results for the presidential run in Brazil. Everyone's attention was on their televisions. The ideal day to kick off our campaign, decreeing the end of the black screen and taking everyone's television off the air.

Facing the revolution that QLED TV brought up, introducing the Ambient Mode and redefining TV use, nothing fairer than a teaser so impactful as well. During the break of the Brazilian most watched news show – and simultaneously in several other channels –, we showcase an advertising that simulated a TV going off screen. “This is the end of the black screen”, displayed an all type on a black background. This message was followed by a brief appearance of the product and the name “QLED TV”.

The repercussion was immediate in social media. The interest by the TV went through the roof in the search engines. In the following day, out of home medias (OOH) and the cover of the main magazines brought the teaser of the campaign, enhancing public curiosity further more.

Soon the mystery was revealed. A second film revealed how the QLED TV works in the Ambient Mode. The OOH spots also gained a more detailed communication.

This way, for the first time, a TV was released taking off the air all the others.