Streets of Shame

Streets cannot be named after murderers and torturers.

During the military dictatorship in Brazil, thousands of Brazilians were murdered or tortured by the government. Signs of this shameful moment in the country's history still remain even today. Many streets have been named after dictators and army officers. But a lot of people don't know who they are. So, how do you show people that some street signs indicate the names of those responsible for one of the darkest periods in Brazil?

On the anniversary of the establishment of the Brazilian dictatorship, we covered real street signs that honored the military with replicas of the names of the most famous dictators in the world. These were names that certainly would not go unnoticed by people. The reaction was one of rejection and denial, and it was even greater when people found that the real name on the street sign was also a Brazilian dictator or torturer.

On a website, hundreds of people signed a petition requesting the change of the street names, and the campaign had the spontaneous support of the media, which broadcast the action on TV and the Internet.

Two streets have already had their names changed and five more are in the process of change.