Studio S9


The camera of the Galaxy S9 is revolutionary. It adapts to the environment like the human eye.

With the dual lens, you can take incredible photos, even in low light situations. Super slow-motion is in fact super, and makes the videos more epic. The Galaxy S9 camera also creates its own Emoji, a fun way to share your moments. In addition, there is Samsung Pay, Samsung's convenient and exclusive electronic payment method.

Better than talking about it, is to demonstrate it.

So, we created the Galaxy S9 Studio. A space for people to live and share on social media everything the reimagined Galaxy S9 camera can do. In every studio space, an experience: Photo with low light, super slow-motion, Emoji and even Samsung Pay.

Within 30 days of the Studio Galaxy S9 activation, we reached more than 15 thousand visitors and thousands of shared posts.